7 Key Facts About Porcelain Tiles in bathrooms

When it comes to selecting the perfect tile for your bathroom, porcelain bathroom tiles are a popular choice among people. They are known for their functionality, versatility, and durability. Porcelain is known for its shiny and smooth texture and its elegant and classical appearance. In the past, porcelain tiles have made their way into residential and commercial properties, especially in bathrooms beautifying the floors and walls with its functionalities. Porcelain wall tiles have a wide range of designs available, these tiles can elevate your bathroom easily while providing the practicality needed. If you’re looking for a fresh, and clean aesthetic for your bathroom then porcelain tiles are the way to go. You can choose some extraordinary natural stone bathroom tiles for great results. 

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Porcelain tiles have become increasingly popular in bathroom design. So, whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or planning a new one, understanding the key facts about porcelain tiles is essential for making a decision, and selecting the right type of porcelain tile for your bathroom needs and design preferences is crucial for a successful and visually appealing bathroom. So, if you’re thinking of doing a bathroom renovation or upgrading your space, here’s everything one should know about porcelain wall tiles:

1. Stain and water resistant:

One of the key features of porcelain wall tiles is that they are stain and water-resistant meaning that they can be perfectly used in bathrooms and kitchens. They are less porous than any other tile like ceramic tiles which means they absorb little to no water and don’t easily stain or damage. In a bathroom environment where water exposure is very frequent, porcelain tiles excel at preventing water penetration. 

2. Durability:

Porcelain wall tiles are very durable as they can be installed in the harshest climate and can withstand cold, rain and extreme weather conditions for a long duration of time. This is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your space over time. The durability of porcelain tiles means that you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements, saving you time and money in the long run.

3. Wide variety of designs:

Porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns, allowing you to choose a style that suits and fits your bathroom appearance. At The Stone Flooring, color options like gray, black, white and others are easily available at competitive rates to give a high-end look to your interiors. And to make it easier for you to choose the perfect tile for the renovation of your dreams, we offer 4 free samples as well!

4. Slip-Resistant: 

If safety for elders is your concern then consider choosing porcelain tiles as they are slip-resistant and reduce the risk of accidents in wet areas. These tiles are designed in a way that provides better traction and causes little to no accidents! By selecting the appropriate slip-resistant porcelain tiles, you can enhance the safety of yourself and your family without compromising on style.

5. Low maintenance: 

Porcelain bathroom tiles require low maintenance, they are easy to clean and require minimal effort. Their non-porous surfaces don’t absorb liquids and stains, reducing the risk of mold growth. Regular sweeping is enough for these tiles to keep looking their best. If required, a quick mop with a mild detergent is all that’s needed for these tiles to look brand new. 

6. Surface finishes:

At The Stone Flooring, porcelain tiles are available in various surface finishes like matte, textured, smooth riven and others. All of these finishes are also non-slip, meaning that there are a lot of options to choose from! This versatility allows you to achieve your aesthetic styles, from a modern and sleek bathroom to a warm ambiance. With countless colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from, you can personalize your bathroom to match your unique taste.

7. High Tolerance: 

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and high moisture levels, which makes them perfect to use in bathrooms with underfloor heating. They won’t crack due to changes in temperature or humidity. When paired with underfloor heating, porcelain tiles provide a comfortable experience, as they efficiently conduct heat, ensuring your bathroom floor remains warm, even on the coldest days.

Porcelain tiles have earned their place as a preferred choice for bathroom tiles. Their durability, water resistance, versatility, and aesthetic appeal make them an excellent option for both functional and decorative aspects of your bathroom. We hope that with the help of these seven key facts about porcelain tiles, you can select and install the perfect tiles to create a beautiful, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain bathroom space that reflects your style and enhances your daily living experience. 

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