Editors can increase their readers thanks to Instagram

t is very common to read or hear that “social networks and mobile devices are killing the reading habit in young people.” The reality is very different, each time new technologies propose more alternatives for editors to increase their readers. This new initiative that I present to you will allow content producers to increase their readers thanks to Instagram. The “instanovels” are an invention of the New York Library, thus giving another twist and another great use to digital publications. This initiative consists of converting the pages of the books into video and, thanks to Instagram, the reader can pause them and go back and forth as desired. Instagram today has more than 800 million active users per month . The number of “Instagrammers” has multiplied by two in the last two years and the majority of its users are between 18 and 34 years old.

This format is a great initiative to promote reading among the youngest. The first “insta novel” was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, since the initiative will be aimed at promoting the ghostwriting services consumption of classic titles. This great initiative from the New York Public Library allows publishers to consider many opportunities to increase the consumption of your books among the youngest. The founder of Bubok emphasizes the opportunity that editors have to increase their readers with this new support.

“There is an opportunity to generate a new Literature format in this medium”

Publishers can increase their readership thanks to this social network that continues to grow, especially among young people.

Booktubers in Spanish, an opportunity to take advantage

Do you always wonder how you can increase the sales of your editions? Book tubers in Spanish are an interesting opportunity for content producers to achieve what they are always looking for, increase their sales.

Book tubers are mainly young people who dedicate themselves to talking about books and their comments can increase the sales of content editors in a short time. According to Patricia Campano, Editorial Director of Group 62, Book tubers “They are not critical nor do they pretend to be. It is precisely his amateurism and closeness that manages to conquer millions of young people.”

The main reasons why book tubers in Spanish can benefit publishers are the following:

Young people do not want to follow critics or experts, so a person who becomes more familiar with them in terms of age, gestures and ways of expressing themselves will have a better chance of connecting than a traditional writer. This makes them a very effective marketing strategy. In addition, young readers feel book tubers almost like their own friends and by achieving this connection, your book recommendations can be a “massive word of mouth”. Their reviews can be fundamental for increase the sale of your eBooks, Amazon studies reveal that positive reviews of your works by Book tubers can increase your sales by up to 20%. Patricia Campagna also adds that the key to the success of this new phenomenon that will help you connect emotionally with your young readers is the clear language that book tubers use in Spanish to talk about their favorite titles. Another clear advantage of book tubers is the good use they have of social networks. It is neither coincidence nor magic that in short periods of time they have achieved a large number of subscribers and visits.

Who are the best-known book tubers in Spanish?

Fa from the words of Fa is one of the pioneers of this genre. Marianna G is almost 30 years old and one of her tactics to charm her readers is to appeal a lot to emotions during her videos. This has made her today have almost 100,000 followers. Matias GB is an Argentine book tuber who is characterized by his funny but sincere style when talking about books. Write a Book While Working is a good hobby for everyone who are book tuber and author, an incredible combination because he makes tutorials to help future writers and complements them only with reviews of books that have come into his hands. Now that you know, you know one of the most educational ways to promote your editions in internet, I invite you to take advantage of it and increase your sales thanks to the possibilities that Book tubers bring in Spanish.