The digital reader consumes more than the traditional one

One of the biggest unknowns in the publishing industry is what type of reader consumes more content, let us tell you the answer to this and how you can take advantage of it. Before knowing if the digital reader consumes more than the traditional reader or vice versa, we have to know the habits of use that each one has.

Consumption in traditional readers

According to the barometer of reading habits in Spain, only a little more than 60% of traditional book consumers have bought a new book so far this year. The average number of books read by traditional users per year is 11 and their The average purchase rate is 5 a year, almost the same as those who read digitally.

Consumption in digital readers

70% of digital readers have bought a new book so far this year. Furthermore, the digital reader consumes more titles, 16 a year. Digital consumption is done mostly from computers (49%), tables 32% and mobile phones 20%. That is why today it is essential that when marketing your digital editions, they adapt to all devices, no one can be left out.

For what reasons does the digital reader consume more?

→ Digital publications allow the reader to find their favorite titles more easily than traditional ones, just a couple of clicks and they can reach any publication from anywhere in the world. → Convenience is also a key factor for readers on memoir writers for hire. Readers can consume more digitally. Thanks to electronic publications, you can have thousands of books, magazines and newspapers in one place and access them with just one click.

→ The price of digital publications is usually lower than physical ones, so this is also important for the reader when purchasing.

→ Specialized marketing strategies also help a lot to increase digital consumption, since publication advertisements reach those who are surely interested.

→ Another factor that helps digital publications is that they now have the possibility of selling by subscription or collections and not limiting themselves to individual sales. Discover all the benefits of the subscription model for digital publications Now you know that the digital reader consumes more than the traditional one, it is time for you to put your focus on them and your publishing business grows with few investments.