A Complete Guide to DND Far Traveler: Embrace the Unknown

Wellcome to the Complete Guide to DND Far Traveler. In the vast and diverse worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, most individuals lead lives confined to their birthplaces, never venturing far from the familiar. But you, dear adventurer, are different.

You hail from a distant and mysterious land, a place so remote that even the common folk in the North are unaware of its existence. Your journey to the Sword Coast or other realms of Faer没n is driven by your own reasons, which you may choose to share or keep secret.

As a far traveler, you will encounter both the strangeness and wonders of these lands, capturing the attention of those around you wherever you go.

Unveiling the DND Far Traveler Background

The far traveler background in DND allows players to embody characters who hail from distant lands, bringing a unique perspective and a touch of the unknown to their adventures. This background offers skill proficiencies in Insight and Perception, essential for navigating unfamiliar territories and reading the intentions of those you encounter.

Additionally, you gain proficiency in any one musical instrument or gaming set, likely something native to your homeland. This proficiency reflects the cultural richness and traditions you carry with you.

Language proficiency is another crucial aspect of the far traveler background. You can choose any one language, enabling effective communication with the diverse inhabitants of the regions you explore. This linguistic versatility becomes invaluable as you navigate through different cultures, opening doors to interactions and opportunities that others might miss.

When it comes to equipment, a far traveler is well-prepared to face the unknown. You start with a set of traveler’s clothes, suitable for various climates and terrains. Additionally, you possess either a musical instrument or a gaming set that you are proficient with, allowing you to entertain and connect with others through shared pastimes.

Poorly wrought maps from your homeland further aid your navigation, depicting your location in Faer没n. A small piece of jewelry worth 10gp, crafted in the unique style of your homeland, serves as a reminder of your heritage. Finally, a pouch containing 5gp provides you with the necessary means to sustain yourself during your travels.

Why Are You Here? Unraveling the Motives

The far traveler’s journey is driven by specific reasons, and the departure from their homeland can be either voluntary or involuntary. Your motivations shape your character’s story and interactions with the world. To determine why you find yourself far from home, you can either roll a d6 or select from the options provided. Let’s explore the possible reasons behind your presence in these foreign lands:

  • Emissary: Your journey as a far traveler is part of a diplomatic mission, representing your homeland and seeking to establish alliances or foster cultural exchange.
  • Exile: Circumstances or personal choices have led to your exile from your homeland, forcing you to seek solace or redemption in distant realms.
  • Fugitive: You are on the run, escaping persecution or pursuing a quest for justice, evading those who wish to bring you harm.
  • Pilgrim: Motivated by religious or spiritual beliefs, you embark on a pilgrimage, seeking enlightenment or divine guidance in foreign lands.
  • Sightseer: Driven by curiosity and a thirst for exploration, you travel the world to witness its wonders and experience its diverse cultures.
  • Wanderer: The call of adventure and the longing for freedom have propelled you to wander far from your homeland, embracing the thrill of the unknown.

Unveiling Your Homeland: Where Do You Come From?

The choice of your character’s homeland is a crucial aspect of the far traveler’s background. It shapes your cultural background, traditions, and the unique knowledge you bring to the lands of Faer没n.

Let’s delve into some of the possible homelands and the reasons that might have led you to embark on your journey:

Evermeet: The Enigmatic Elven Islands

Evermeet, the fabled elven islands in the western reaches, is home to elves who have never set foot on Faer没n.

As an elf, Evermeet is a logical choice for your homeland, though not mandatory. Many who leave Evermeet are either exiles, forced out for violating elven laws, or emissaries seeking to advance elven culture and society in Faer没n.

Halruaa: Land of Magic and Mysteries

Nestled in the southern edges of the Shining South, Halruaa is a magocracy known for its peculiarities. The Halruaans possess the ability to work magic, even among the common populace.

As a far traveler from Halruaa, you might have personal reasons for venturing into Faer没n, as unauthorized involvement with other nations is strictly regulated by Halruaa’s government.

Kara-Tur: A World of Unfamiliar Customs

Kara-Tur, a continent far to the east of Faer没n, is inhabited by people whose customs differ greatly from those of the Sword Coast.

Referred to as “Shou” by the people of Faer没n, regardless of their true ethnicity, Kara-Turians occasionally travel to forge diplomatic relations or establish trade networks. You might have arrived as part of a delegation, only to decide to stay and explore the unfamiliar lands.

Mulhorand: From Desert Sands to Northern Climes

Mulhorand, with its ancient pyramids and god-kings, lies in stark contrast to the lands of the North. Recent events in Mulhorand, such as the abolition of slavery, have increased the traffic between Mulhorand and other parts of Faer没n.

As a far traveler from Mulhorand, you might be driven by a desire to witness the wonders of the wetlands or have fled from enemies in your desert homeland.

Social: Land of Snow and Mystery

The distant land of Sossal, located far to the northeast, remains shrouded in mystery for most inhabitants of Faer没n. Humans from Sossal possess alabaster skin, and white hair, and don attire as pristine as the snow that covers their homeland.

Crossing the colossal barriers surrounding Sossal is no small feat, indicating that your journey to Faer没n must be driven by something truly significant or terrifying.

Zakhara: The Enigmatic Land of Deserts

Zakhara, known as the Land of Fate, lies to the south of Faer没n. Its people journey to the southern extremes of Faer没n for trade purposes, but venturing far beyond their homeland is uncommon.

As a far traveler from Zakhara, your presence in distant lands might stem from a desire to explore beyond the deserts and mountains of your homeland or learn about other gods worshipped outside Zakhara.

The Underdark: Unveiling the Depths

Though physically closer to the Sword Coast than other homelands, the Underdark is a vastly different and more sinister realm. If you hail from one of the settlements within the Underdark, you are likely a member of the race that inhabits those dark depths.

Alternatively, you might have been captured and brought below as a child, growing up in the subterranean cities and settlements.

Embracing Your Uniqueness: All Eyes on You

The moment you step foot in these foreign lands, your accent, mannerisms, figures of speech, and perhaps even your appearance mark you as a foreigner. You become the center of attention, attracting curious glances wherever you go.

While this attention can sometimes be a nuisance when attempting to blend in, it also brings forth the interest of scholars, local nobles, and everyday folk hungry for tales of distant lands. Embrace your uniqueness as a far traveler, for it grants you access to people and places that might otherwise remain closed to those born in these parts.

Unveiling Your Personality Traits

As a far traveler, your experiences and interactions with different cultures shape your personality. Roll a d6 to determine your personality trait or choose one that resonates with your character:

  • Different Assumptions: Personal space is a concept that varies across cultures, and you may find yourself either innocently invading others’ space or reacting strongly to the invasion of your own.
  • Unconventional Food Choices: Your homeland’s cuisine differs significantly from that of the lands you now traverse. You find the eating habits of those around you fascinating, confusing, or even revolting.
  • Code of Honor: A strong code of honor or sense of propriety guides your actions, often leading others to misunderstand or overlook your intentions.
  • Expressing Affection or Contempt: How you express affection or contempt differs from the norms of the land. Others may find your gestures unfamiliar or even misinterpret them.
  • Honoring Deities: Your homeland’s religious practices differ from those of the land you now inhabit. Your unique rituals and devotions set you apart from the locals.
  • Traditional Rituals: You begin or end each day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around you, grounding you in your homeland’s customs.

Ideals: Navigating Uncharted Territory

As a far traveler, your ideals guide your actions and outlook on life. Roll a d6 or select an ideal that resonates with your character’s journey:

  • Openness: You approach the world with an open mind, eager to learn from the kind folk you encounter along your journey.
  • Reserved: Being new to these strange lands, you exercise caution and show respect in all your dealings, adhering to a lawful approach.
  • Adventure: Everything in this foreign land is strange and wonderful to you. Embrace the chaos and unpredictability of the world, reveling in the thrill of the unknown.
  • Cunning: You recognize that your foreignness grants you an advantage. While others may not understand your ways, you can use their ignorance to your benefit.
  • Inquisitiveness: The world is teeming with new and unfamiliar aspects, and you possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding.
  • Suspicion: Trusting others becomes increasingly difficult as a far traveler. You must remain cautious, as friend and foe are indistinguishable in this unfamiliar land.

Bonds: Ties That Bind

Your bond represents the connections you maintain with your homeland or the values you hold dear. Roll a d6 or choose a bond that resonates with your character’s backstory:

  • Token of Strength: Holding a token from your homeland fills you with the courage to face any adversity that may come your way in this strange land.
  • Divine Comfort: The gods of your people provide solace and guidance even in the farthest reaches of the world.
  • Service to Your People: You hold no greater cause than serving your people, carrying their hopes and dreams with you wherever you go.
  • Freedom Above All: Your freedom is your most precious possession, and you vow never to let anyone take it away from you again.
  • Fascination with the Unknown: The beauty and wonder of this new land captivate you, driving your desire to explore its every corner.
  • Yearning for Loved Ones: While your departure may not have been a choice, you lament leaving behind loved ones and hold onto the hope of reuniting with them one day.

Flaws: Embracing Imperfections

Even as a far traveler, you are not without flaws. These flaws reflect the challenges of navigating unfamiliar territories and interacting with people of different cultures. Roll a d6 or choose a flaw that adds depth to your character:

  • Cultural Superiority: You hold an underlying belief in the superiority of your own culture, viewing the foreign land as lesser or misguided.
  • Linguistic Pretense: To avoid unwanted interactions, you pretend not to understand the local language, creating a barrier between yourself and others.
  • Temptation of the Exotic: The allure of new intoxicants and pleasures of this land proves difficult to resist, leading you astray from your original purpose.
  • Resistance to Differences: Actions and motivations of the people in this foreign land may clash with your own values and provoke your disdain.
  • Contempt for Other Gods: You view the adherents of other gods as deluded innocents at best or ignorant fools at worst, unable to comprehend the truth of your own beliefs.
  • Enchanted by Exotic Beauty: The exotic beauty of foreign people captivates you, making it challenging to resist their charms and distractions.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey

As a far traveler in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, every step you take unveils new wonders and challenges. Your unique background and experiences shape your character’s interactions and bring a sense of mystery to your adventures. Embrace the unknown, for it is in the embrace of the unfamiliar that we truly discover ourselves.

Let the far traveler within you guide your path, as you leave a lasting impression on the lands you explore and the people you encounter. May your journey be filled with tales of distant lands and the echoes of your homeland.

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