A Detailed Overview On RPG Video Game Development

As per the Business Research Company, the value of the global RPG gaming market was $15,793.3 million in 2019. It is about to grow $22,471.3 million by 2023.

People’s attachment to the internet, advanced gaming platforms, gamer’s involvement, etc., are fuelling this massive growth of the RPG gaming market.

So, you want to build the next popular RPG game.

That’s great to hear.

From desktop to mobile, the RPG video game genre has rolled over a long way since its first emergence. The video games of the RPG genre these days barely hold any resemblance with their predecessors.

Despite this, some specified things have remained of the same value in RPG video game development.

And when it comes to developing a Role Play game, you need to dig into those elements. Here, in this post, we are bringing the essential elements of RPG video game development under the spotlight. Learn how these elements help the NFT gaming company to make a hit RPG video game.

Driven By A Robust Backstory

The audience of Role-Play games does not fit into just one specified neat demographic.


Because there are so many sub-genres of RPG games like Strategy RPG, Puzzle RPG, Text-based RPG, MMORPG, and so on. You got a wide range of demographics to satisfy through your game design and development techniques.

Some players prefer RPG games only for stories. They want to take a flight to a new world of immersion, meeting the gaming characters to feel the gaming ambiance, and be a part of the gaming plot.

Impress your audience with a robust backstory. No matter what kind of RPG you plan to develop, never forget to create a gripping story for your game. Remember one thing. A loosely crafted story never hit the right chord of the audience.

Feed Your Audience With Side Quests

It is another crucial element of RPG games. Besides having a main backstory that tends to progress level by level, there are multiple side quests. These side quests prove effective in keeping player retention intact. Moreover, they breathe the fresh air whenever the player feels the main quest monotony. In one word, the contents of these side quests keep the player entertained throughout the game.

So, besides weaving the backstory, crafting the main quest, setting the levels, never forget to feed your audience with the unexpected side quests.

Craft The Progression Right

The RPG video games are story-driven, no doubt. The beginning of these games is somewhere like movies. But, later on, the game developers have to maintain the pacing right. In RPG games, where there are so many things to experience, a super-fast pace may lead the gameplay overwhelming. It may not satisfy the gamers.

On the other hand, a slow gaming pace will make the players bored of your game. No matter how advanced technologies you deploy in your video game development process, it won’t work unless you work on the pace. Your gamers will not enjoy the battles within the game.

• Whether it is a weapon, daylife, or taking a route, allow your players to make their own choices.
• Side quests prove effective even down here. They will prolong the main story, keeping the game pace tight.
• Timed events also allow the video game developers to splash a range of variety in the RPG video game. You can keep your players entertained, tying them up with your main story, pumping up fun and excitement.

Making Smaller Experience Intense

Always think of those who play your game on mobile. Since mobile devices do not offer big screens like PC, the RPG game design and development exclusively for mobile game players become tricky.

You need to work on this to make your player retention impressive. Keep options like auto-running, auto-jumping, etc. They can bring about a satisfying balance in the gameplay experience among the players play on mobile phones.


Why would your players take up the quest if there is no achievement? By the end of the road, there is a goal. But, declared achievements, rewards, gifts, etc., are crucial to hook your players to the game. Gamers find it fun and motivational to collect these achievements and rewards, after completing the tasks. Make sure even the side quests hold some kind of reward to offer the players.

As we stated earlier, RPG game is a vast and wide-spread genre across many sub-genres. So, countless elements make an RPG game complete. But, these are some of the most crucial elements of RPG video game development, ensuring to keep the players engaged to the game.

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