Ask4Care: Benefits of technology in long-term care in Brampton 

Generally, when we talk about long-term care in Brampton, the prime focus is on patients or care professionals. It is not a sector that has necessarily always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies. But like any other field, there are significant benefits to using technology in long-term care in Brampton. Embracing more technology into your long-term care facility does not mean that carers will replace it with robots or vending machines. It means that staff will have more tools that make their job easier and more meaningful. Here are some ways in which technology is being used to generate better patient outcomes at long-term care facilities.

Better data can enhance care quality

With the exact data analytics technology, long-term care facility managers can get insights into the care facility. He can determine what factors make this care facility costly and also take action to mitigate those factors. Lower prices can increase profits that can be used to improve other areas of the long-term care facilities in Brampton. Moreover, there are many software programs available that have robust reporting features that make it possible to track data that is impossible to track manually. For instance, data from an inventory management programme might highlight redundant or missing purchases to keep equipment in good working condition. Other software highlights inefficient workflows that are greatly helpful in boosting patients’ well-being. If you equip your long-term care facility with these kinds of analytics tools, you’ll get significant benefits over competitors.

Better communication can  improve the care

According to a study, 94 per cent of long-term care administrators don’t communicate with the skilled nursing facilities to which they refer their complex patients. And 90 per cent said that they don’t exchange health information with referring providers such as hospitals or doctors. Today’s available electronic medical tools help improve patients’ treatment. So, there is no excuse for not providing all the information to care partners. When a carer gets all the necessary and additional information about the patient, he will adjust his care plan. This adjustment saves his time in many ways and has a significant positive effect on patients’ health.

More visibility can give peace of mind

Let’s look at one of the great benefits of technology in long-term care homes in Brampton, which is getting peace of mind. Without a doubt, communication tools have a significant impact on increasing visibility. Also, the deployment of tech tools in long-term care facilities can gain more visibility with your loved ones, which eventually greatly impacts their overall well-being. For instance, technology plays a pivotal role in the form of wearable devices. These devices constantly monitor patients, collect data, and send it to the carer via a mobile app. Through this, care workers and the families of patients get the latest data regarding patients’ health status. These wearable devices give peace of mind to the family or friends of the patients by keeping a safe eye on their loved ones.

Teleconferencing technology can keep patients connected

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, video calls came to save the long-term care facility in Brampton. When in-person visits with senior people who are at risk weren’t possible, videoconferencing technology helped them greatly to connect with their loved ones. However, this technology has now been used beyond quarantine measures. Now that this technology is widely available, friends or family members who wouldn’t have been able to meet with their loved ones in person can now connect with them through it. This way, the overall interaction of the patients with their family or friends increases, which plays a significant role in their mental or even physical health.

Sharing everyday moments can lead to happiness

Just like in other industries, technology has changed the lives of people who are getting long-term care. Today’s tech mobile apps help families or friends get more involved in patients’ lives at long-term care in Brampton. Using these tech apps, patients and carers can share photos or videos with the resident’s network of friends or family. Generally, carers or patients capture the moments as they happen and share updates on their lives with their family members and friends. These apps are usually two-way, as when patients share their life updates with their loved ones, their family or friends can respond or comment back for patients to see.

Fun activities can boost mood in long-term care in Brampton

Apart from videoconferencing, technology can boost residents’ well-being in many other ways. For example, games and videos can stimulate activity and boost residents’ mood. Nowadays, video games are not only for young people. Many video games encourage residents to get more involved in physical activities that are beneficial for their overall health. In addition to this, many other fun activities, like streaming videos or listening to music, have a huge positive impact on the health of the residents.

Visitor management apps can decrease the risk of spreading infections

One of the greatest threats to the residents of long-term care in Brampton is the spread of viruses that come from outside. So, it is crucial to make sure that the visitors are healthy when they come to this care facility, and to do this, it is essential to keep track of those who come to the facility. Visitor management apps can be greatly helpful in preventing the spread of diseases by ensuring that visitors check in safely. With this new visitor check-in technology, visitors can check in contactless by using their mobile phones.


Technology has dual benefits for long-term care in Brampton, as it can not only improve patients’ outcomes but also attract and retain patients. The benefits of new technologies in the long-term care industry seem to grow soon, and we are excited to know what’s next.

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