Best Small Business Ideas For Starting Entrepreneurs!

Starting your own business can be intimidating at first since there are so many things to consider. As a starting entrepreneur, it might also be tough to choose the right business to go for and that’s completely normal!

Most starting business owners brainstorm for months or even years before choosing a type of business to pursue. The top things you have to consider in a business are one you’re familiar with, one you’re capable of financially jumpstarting and a business that’s in demand in your area.

But if you’re still scouting through your options of businesses to consider, we’ve made a list that might help! This list contains great business ideas for starting entrepreneurs so check them out below:

1 – Offer freelancing services

Thanks to the growing advancements of the internet, you can now use this for your business. Freelance services are a great way to make a buck through the web. Now this depends on your skills–what you’ll be doing for money. Let’s say you’re good at graphic design, you can use this skill and provide it to clients needing graphic designers. So basically, you earn on a project-by-project basis when freelancing.

And in freelancing, you’re considered to be an independent contractor. This means you don’t work under anyone and your main source of income is your clients. The great thing about freelancing is, you can work remotely, have multiple clients (as much as you can/want to handle) and basically be your own boss.

2 – Open an online retail shop

Another great opportunity given by the internet is to make money through online retail shops! How this works is, that you sell products through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and many more. You can even use a business around and run it through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more.

Products to sell can be anything you want, except for illegal items. So you can sell baked goods, digital art, supplies, tools, clothes, make-up, skincare products and so much more! And running an online retail shop allows you to work remotely.

3 – Run a cafe

Coffee shops are a great small business idea to consider! Although this needs more extra work and capital to start, compared to other types of businesses, this one can be rewarding. Especially, if you love coffee, this every day will be a breeze.

But since you’re looking for small business ideas, consider starting off with a small cafe. You can do it through the use of stalls at parks or malls, using mobile booths and even using modular buildings.

Modular buildings are prefabricated structures that are more cost-efficient compared to traditional construction. This is a great idea if you’re planning to cater and sit people. Modular buildings are used as offices, storage and even as modular healthcare buildings. So it’s safe to say, it’s pretty reliable, safe and convenient.

4 – Become an event planner

These days, event planners are becoming more and more in demand and it’s not a surprise why. People these days just want to party without the stress of planning it and that’s where event planners come in.

This is a pretty profitable business since there are always celebrations and events, whether birthdays, promotions, annual seasonal events and so much more. The reasons to have a great time are limitless!

All you need to do at first is make connections with florists, food caterers, party supply stores, musicians, party hosts and so on. Once you have reliable people on your roster, it’ll be easier for you to organize and set up a party when the time comes.

5 – Consider pet services

If you’re someone who loves pets and is looking for a part-time job, then this might be for you! Pet services can range from pet-sitting, pet-walking, pet training and even pet grooming. So consider a pet service you’re skilled at or at least know more about.

And the thing about this job is that, if your client likes your service you’ll have consistent customers!

Take away

Now you know 5 great small business ideas, consider one that piques your interest! Before launching your business, be ready and start doing your research, have a business plan, get needed requirements, set a budget and overall be prepared with everything you need.

And don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have already been in the game for advice. If anything, seek advice and mentorship from entrepreneurs who inspire you! 

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