Can you do CIPD Level 5 without experience?


CIPD is one of the most prolific courses for jump-starting a career in HR in the UK. The CIPD certificate or diploma is based on 3 levels. CIPD level 3, level 5, and Level 7. And as the level goes up the complex and advanced the course becomes. But would it be the same as hard as for the job professionals like it would be a newbie. The course is recognized all around the world. That is why a very large number of students are trying to get the certification or diploma at any of the CIPD levels. But everyone wants to get in the field right away. And as quickly as possible. That is why it is a widely asked question is it possible to do the certification or diploma without any prior experience or knowledge?

So, today I gathered some information and will present you with some aspects. So, it would be easier for you to understand the possibilities. And should you do the certification or diploma without any knowledge and experience?

Can You Do CIPD Level 5 Without Experience?

The simple answer is YES, you can. But let me explain every detail of it. As I mentioned above there are 3 levels in CIPD 3,5,7. Doing level 5 without any experience means without level 3 would be fine for those who are working in the field of HR and have experience and knowledge of different strategies. 

But what are the requirements for taking admission into level 5? Is it possible to gain admission without the certification or diploma of level? So, let’s take a dig at that. 

Admission Requirements of Level 5:

If you talk about the formal requirements then there is no standard requirement for a CIPD level 5. But there are surely some complexities that a student will face that will make it difficult to understand the topics that are related to level 3. Or they might find it hard to get the concept right. 

Because level 5 is for the ones who have some experience and knowledge in the HR field. 

Cost and Time difference between Level 3 and Level 5:

The level consists of 4 units and level 5 of 7 units. So, that is why the time required to complete the certificate or diploma of both levels is different. For CIPD level 3 requires 7 to 9 months and level 5 needs 9 to 12 months for completion. And if we talk about the cost then the cost for level 5 is more due to the units and time frame. You can contact any CIPD Level 5 Assignment Writers then they will help you get the perfect written assignments as well as brilliant suggestions to make your academic journey better.

Can you do the job and level 5 at the same time?

A question that appears in the mind of every student or working professional who is willing to make their career better by studying is “Is it possible to do my job and CIPD level 5 at the same time?”.

Technically speaking the answer is YES and it is possible. However, managing a full-time job with level 5 would be a challenging task for anyone. Because a full time makes the person tired the only thing he needs is good sleep. 

So, to skip the time of resting and give that extra time to the studies might cause health issues. But Yes, many working professionals are doing and so could you. And also you can take CIPD Assignment Help from any service provider to make it easier for you.

How hard is it to do CIPD level 5?

The CIPD level 5 is the advanced level and has every subject and topic in more depth and detail than level 3. And to this, it would be hard for the students who are doing directly level 5 and don’t have the experience in working or any knowledge about HR then it could be a bit challenging for them. However, the subjects and topics are not mathematical. So, anyone can adapt those easily. But to get the desired grades the non-professional ones will have to put extra time and effort into it. Although you can do it with a proper strategy. And because it is recognized all around the world. So, it will surely open a lot of opportunities for the beginners. And create bigger opportunities for the working professionals. 


You can do CIPD level 5 without any prior experience or level 3 certification and diploma. Because there is no standard requirement for doing level 5. The one who doesn’t have experience in the HR field will struggle a bit but YES it is possible. 

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