Revitalize Your Outdoor Space: Top Deck Coating Options in Los Angeles

Balcony decks come in a variety of sturdy and robust materials that can give the entire structure extra strength. But even if your deck is made of the sturdiest of them all, it does require an additional layer of protection to safeguard it from harsh environmental conditions. This holds especially true if you live in regions like Los Angeles, which get drastic weather changes. 

But since a wide array of deck coating options are available in the market, choosing the right one may be overwhelming. So if you do not feel confident enough to choose one or do not have enough background knowledge to fall back on, a great option is to get help from professionals expert in deck coating in Los Angeles. These professionals can give you an idea based on their expertise in the field!Ā 

But if you wish to take the reins of your balcony deck in your own hands, we have got you covered! Letā€™s look into the top deck coating options in Los Angeles to determine the right one!

Latex Concrete CoatingsĀ 

Latex works like a charm if you have a concrete deck that requires a coating. Homeowners love it, and there are a bunch of reasons why! It is highly affordable (especially when compared to other deck coating options), boasts anti-slip properties, and is so easy to apply that you can undertake it as a DIY procedure. 

Latex comes in a  wide variety of colors, so you can choose the one that compliments the rest of the colors on your balcony. But it is important to note that latex is just like other typical concrete coatings and may require you to resurface it every 3 to 5 years. 

Acrylic CoatingsĀ 

Acrylic coatings are very versatile and can work for almost all kinds of balcony decks. You can easily tailor this coating according to the color and texture you like for your balcony. 

Acrylic coatings are highly functional: they hold the potential to protect your balcony from heavy foot traffic, sharp impacts, UV radiations, moisture, and harsh environmental conditions. You can get an acrylic coating in both solvent-based and water-based coating options. 

Epoxy Concrete CoatingsĀ 

Epoxy is also as versatile a coating option as acrylic. It is, in fact, very popular amongst homeowners who have a concrete balcony since it can firmly adhere to this material. Epoxy coating can form a strong chemical bond with concrete decks through hardeners and polymers, giving your deck extra strength and durability. It can also give your balcony a glossy finish!Ā 

But the benefits of epoxy coatings do not end here. They are slip and waterproof, effortless to clean, and inherently resistant to stains and spills. Despite these innumerable advantages, getting an epoxy coating does not break your bank! It is a highly affordable and valuable option if it works for your balcony deck. 

But epoxy is not an easily DIYable material: you will have to call on professional experts in this domain to get a seamless look that lasts several years. 

Polyurea Deck CoatingĀ 

Polyurea deck coatings considerably resemble epoxy coatings and can strongly adhere to deck surfaces. In fact, they can be even more durable and flexible than epoxy coatings! 

But they are not as affordable as their epoxy counterparts: you must expect to have a relatively larger bill if you decide to go for them. But keep in mind that these deck coatings are very robust and long-lasting and can last you more than 20 years if you take proper care! This is much longer than the lifespan of other kinds of deck coatings, making this type a good investment in the long run. 

Certain polyurea coatings come with a 15-17-year warranty for residential projects, allowing you to get free repairs within this timeframe! You can easily tailor them according to the style and look of your balcony as they come in several colors, textures, and varieties. 

Protecting My Deck: What Is The Best Product You Should Go For?

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to balcony deck coatings. The type of coating that must work the best for your deck depends on a number of factors, including the material your balcony is made of, its age, potential damage, and even weather conditions. 

So your best option is to choose the best decking contractors in your area and get an elaborate consultation to determine the products that might prove the best for your deck. Make sure that you keep durability, return on investment, and customization options in view before making a choice! 

Summing UpĀ 

If you do not hate your balcony, you cannot leave it to combat the harsh external environmental conditions alone! The best possible way to revitalize your outer space without spending thousands of bucks is by coating your balcony with the right deck coating option. 

But how do you choose that? If you read our guide, you already know the answer. Visit here to related post to learn more about keeping your balcony in tip-top condition and taking care of it the way it deserves!Ā 

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