Spousal sponsorship applications to increase by one-third by the end of 2023

In July, the number of spouses and common-law partners who immigrated to Canada remained almost the same as in June. The most recent data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) indicates that 6,215 new permanent residents arrived in Canada through spousal sponsorship immigration in July, while 50,015 new permanent residents have arrived through this immigration program by the end of July. 

This is an increase of 21.6 percent from the 41,145 new permanent residents who came through spousal sponsorships in the first seven months of 2022. If the trend continues, Canada is expected to welcome 85,740 new permanent residents through spousal sponsorships, a 33.7 percent increase from last year’s 64,145 immigrants who arrived through the same program.

The anticipated volume of immigration under spousal sponsorship would be higher than the cap on spousal sponsorships set by Ottawa for this year.

Are you planning to sponsor your spouse, partner, or dependent children? Fill out the form to make your sponsorship process smooth for your family.

Ottawa has previously established a maximum of 84,000 new permanent residents under programs to sponsor spouses, partners, and children in its Immigration Levels Plan for the years 2023 to 2025. 78,000 new permanent residents are the desired number for that group of immigrants this year.

In the first seven months of this year, 26,270 spouses became residents of Ontario, the province with the largest population in Canada, under the spousal sponsorship program.

Under the spouse sponsorship program during that time, the following number of new permanent residents were drawn to the other provinces and territories:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 110
  • Prince Edward Island – 90
  • Nova Scotia – 570
  • New Brunswick – 335
  • Quebec – 5,335
  • Manitoba – 1,375
  • Saskatchewan – 860
  • Alberta – 6,430
  • British Columbia – 8,545
  • Yukon – 55
  • Northwest Territories – 35
  • Nunavut – 5

What is the Spousal Sponsorship Program?Β 

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor their spouse to immigrate to Canada and establish a permanent residence. In Canada, we are aware of the value of intact families. Applications seeking spousal sponsorship are therefore given top attention. You may be able to sponsor your spouse, partner, or dependent children to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents if you meet the requirements.

You must be able to in order to:

  • help them out financially
  • check to see if they require government social assistance

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