What is the Quran, and what is Knowledge?

The Quran emphasizes the importance of acquiring knowledge. To deepen their understanding of the world and their faith, believers are encouraged to seek both religious and worldly wisdom. Pursuing knowledge and education according to the Quranic injunction “Read!” is essential.

Moreover, the Quran contains numerous scientific miracles discovered throughout history. There are references to embryology, astronomy, geology, and other fields that were unknown at the time of its revelation. Several scientists have affirmed the divine origin of the Quran as a result of such scientific insights. Furthermore, the Quran provides individuals and society with ethical and moral guidance.

The Quran contains knowledge of past events and miracles

The Holy Quran predicts future events and tells stories of past events, nations, and prophets, such as Joseph, Moses, and Jesus PBUT. Because the Arabic Peninsula was an old-fashioned, backward nation at the time, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH lived in the middle of the desert without libraries. Growing up among illiterate idol worshipers without knowledge of the Scriptures, he was unlettered and illiterate. He couldn’t read or conjure these stories from the Holy Quran.

That is the news of the unseen that We reveal to you, O Muhammad.” You did not know it before, and neither did your people. Therefore, be patient; indeed, the [best] outcome belongs to the righteous. Therefore, be patient; the [best] product certainly belongs to the righteous. 

Developing Divine Wisdom through Quranic Knowledge

The Quran is a beacon of wisdom and guidance in a world of information. It’s timeless relevance, and profound teachings have inspired millions throughout history. This article will explore the Quran’s vast knowledge, structure, impact on society, and how it continues to influence individuals today. Knowledge Quran Centre is the best place of Quran Learning Online. Learn Quran Online from Knowledge Quran Centre with Certified Quran Teachers

In the Quran, there is a revelation from God

Muhammad (peace be upon him) is believed to have received the Quran directly from God through the angel Gabriel, the holy book of Islam. Messages have been sent to guide humanity, but this is the final and most important message. The Quran revolutionized religion and the social landscape in 7th-century Arabia.

The Quran’s preservation has been of the utmost importance throughout history. Throughout history, the Quran was transmitted orally from generation to generation, ensuring its accuracy and consistency. The written compilation during the time of Caliph Uthman also preserved the original text, protecting it from any alteration or distortion.

The Quran’s Content and Structure

There are 114 chapters in the Quran, called Surahs, and over 6,000 verses. In addition to topics such as theology, morality, law, and stories of prophets, each Surah covers a range of issues. The verses weave together coherently within each Surah, creating a cohesive message.

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