Where Do Dating Sites Earn Money? promo code for seeking arrangement!

There is no point for the site’s creators to advertise it and invite people there if there is no way to somehow make money from it. The methods of earning money are universal for all sites, only the prices change. Let’s leave out banner advertising (and just advertising) and let’s see how they make money from users.

The main and simplest thing is to move profiles up in the search. This is a one-time procedure, it is paid depending on the decision of the site owners. If you choose the right moment, someone will write to you, but after a minute the profile will “fly away” down. Use the seeking promo code to get the best from the Seeking Arrangement website.

How do dating sites make money?

It makes sense to place the questionnaire in “special areas” on the site. Let’s say, on the same Seeking Arrangement, there is a feed with photographs. You can hover over the photo and see a message. If you appear on the feed, you will show yourself and be able to show your intelligence. If the message is interesting and catchy, someone will write to you. You can also ask a question. 

All sorts of “stuff” like paid toys, services a la “find out your zodiac sign by date of birth”, gifts for girls, offers to participate in competitions “who can pay the most to be in the “top” – a simple and banal siphoning of money. Getting to know all this will most likely not help you.

How do you make money on dating sites?

Don’t be surprised by the title’s name, because you can not only spend money there but also earn money without being the site’s owner. This, after all, is not a casino (although outsiders can make money there too). Use the Seeking Arrangement coupon code, seeking promo code for the best experience.

Since there is a wide audience on dating sites, which for the most part wants one thing, there is a huge field for experiments by all sorts of shady characters, for example, spammers. Programs for sending messages are bought, sold, and written independently, and their “sophistication” is practically unlimited. Some bots can even conduct dialogues. Why is all this necessary? And then, for example, so that a person follows a link. Then you can perform various tricks with it: lure out passwords for various services, offer to install useful programs, enter a mobile number, and receive a confirmation code.


The disguise goes, of course, under women’s profiles, for example, “Darling, look at my photographs, I’m all so beautiful there.” How can you stand here?

Don’t forget about sites with “strawberries” (affiliate programs and transition fees), with products for adults and catalogs of priestesses of love. All this is there, and on dating sites, whole fields open up for a kind of “advertising”. There are also official advertising spaces, but these are already expensive, and spam is relatively cheap. Often it all comes down to having a “verified” account, and for this, you usually need to send an SMS or simply receive a code to your mobile number. By the way, such a “check” is not too expensive. However, spam is a topic for a completely different article.e The best website in the world for dating 50% off discount seeking arrangement discount membership. It is the best website in the US for youngsters.

Things to Consider

You can also consider less common methods of fraud, for example, when foreigners or simply non-residents defraud women (or men) of money. Two loving hearts signed up, and everything seems to be fine, but sometimes there is not enough money to come to the chosen one. Or you just have some problems – and it’s enough to throw money at the phone for everything to be in order. I’m not even talking about calls to paid numbers; as far as I know, scammers still make money from this, and quite well. Let me explain the essence of the problem: your new friend (girlfriend) on the other side of the globe gives you a phone number, you communicate with him (her), and then you receive astronomical long-distance bills, seeking a promo code.


Write about yourself in the questionnaire, and if you lie, then lie to the end. But in this case, do not hope for a normal relationship. Don’t lie and enjoy seeking promo code at Seeking Arrangement. Look for girls who are ready to communicate in real life, and be persistent, but do not press them with demands to meet.

Approach girls individually. There is no need to write universal compliments; spend a minute or two reading the profile and looking at the photos. Write to those who are truly interested in you, be honest with yourself, and do not send spam mailings.

Spend money, it may well pay off, but don’t get involved in races with bets and other throwing away money. Understand how best to attract attention and pay for the “advertising campaign” of the profile. And most importantly, try, try, and try again. Hone your communication skills, and play with your profile and your photos.

An equally important point is to determine from the very beginning what you need from a dating site, who you want to find (and whether you want it). On the same Seeking Arrangement, you can indicate many characteristics of your chosen or chosen one, but, as you understand, you shouldn’t get carried away. The invented ideal may not be found even on the Internet.

Happy dating! In life and on the Internet.


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