Wine Market Report, Growth, Share, Price, Trends 2023-2028

Informes de Expertos publicó un nuevo informe, titulado ‘Mercado del Vino 2023-2028′, que brinda un análisis en profundidad del mercado, por color (vino tinto, vino blanco, otros), por tipo de producto (vino tranquilo, vino espumoso, vino fortificado, vermut, otros), por canales de distribución (on-trade, off-trade), y regiones clave. El informe proporciona análisis para períodos históricos (2018-2022) y pronósticos (2023-2028). Según el informe, la industria mundial de vino generó USD 384 mil millones en 2022 y se prevé que genere una CAGR del 5,40% en 2023-2028.

The global wine market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, reaching an impressive value of approximately $384 billion in 2022. The market’s positive trajectory is expected to continue, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.40% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. This growth is driven by various factors, including increasing consumer appreciation for fine wines, expanding wine tourism, and the rise in wine consumption worldwide.

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Key Factors Driving the Global Wine Market:

Premiumization and Wine Appreciation: The growing number of wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking unique and high-quality wines has fostered the premiumization trend. Consumers are increasingly willing to explore higher-priced wines that offer superior taste, craftsmanship, and unique regional characteristics.

Wine Tourism: Wine tourism has emerged as a significant driver of the market’s growth. Vineyard tours, wine festivals, and wine-related experiences attract travelers, creating additional revenue streams for wineries and boosting regional economies.

Expanding Wine Export Opportunities: Wine producers are seizing opportunities in international markets, capitalizing on rising global demand for diverse wine varieties. Growing export opportunities have enabled producers to expand their market presence and diversify revenue sources.

Shift in Consumer Preferences: Consumers are moving away from traditional alcoholic beverages towards wine, influenced by health-conscious choices and the perception of wine as a sophisticated, social, and culturally rich drink.

Key Factors Fuelling the Demand for Wine:

Expanding Wine Enthusiast Community: The wine market is witnessing an ever-increasing community of wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, driven by the appeal of discovering new flavors and the unique characteristics of different wine varieties. This rise in wine enthusiasts has contributed significantly to the growing demand for diverse and high-quality wines.

Rising Popularity of Wine Tourism: Wine tourism has emerged as a thriving trend, attracting travelers to vineyard tours, wine festivals, and wine tastings. The experiential aspect of wine tourism has heightened interest in wines and is driving up demand for wines from various regions and styles.

Shift in Consumer Preferences: Consumer preferences have seen a notable shift towards wine as a preferred alcoholic beverage. The perception of wine as a sophisticated and culturally rich drink has led consumers to explore a wider range of wines and incorporate them into their social experiences and celebrations.

Health and Wellness Trends: Wine, particularly red wine, is often associated with potential health benefits due to its antioxidant properties. As health-consciousness increases among consumers, many are choosing wine as an alternative to other alcoholic beverages.

Expanding Global Reach: The global wine market is witnessing growth in international trade and export opportunities. Producers are capitalizing on this by expanding their reach to international markets, introducing diverse wine offerings to cater to varied consumer preferences.

Market Segmentation:

Still Wine: The largest segment in the global wine market, encompassing red, white, and rosé wines, known for their diverse flavors and characteristics.

Sparkling Wine: This segment includes champagne, prosecco, and other sparkling wines, favored for their celebratory and festive appeal.

Fortified Wine: Wines such as sherry, port, and vermouth, fortified with additional spirits to enhance their flavor and longevity.

Online Retail Channels: With the rise of e-commerce, online retail platforms have become a prominent distribution channel for wine sales, offering convenience and access to a wide range of wines from around the world.

Premium and Super-Premium Wine: The premium and super-premium wine segments are witnessing robust growth, driven by consumers’ willingness to pay higher prices for exceptional wine experiences.

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